Meet the Angels

Cassie the career-focused Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cassie works hard but plays harder. She is smart, successful, and can rock a pencil skirt. 9-5 she’s all business but she knows how to let her hair down and have a good time.

Molly the girl-next-door Moscato.

Molly is sweet, loves sports, changes her own oil, and knows her way around a kitchen. But — if you cross her the wrong way, watch out — she knows of more than one thing to do with a Louisville Slugger.

Pamela the playful Pinot Noir.

Voluptuous and confident. She uses her looks to get what she wants and she isn’t the least bit ashamed of it. She’s got a reputation for kissing the boys and making them cry.

Charlie the chilled out Chardonnay.

Charlie is a hippy. She loves classic rock and thinks today’s music is over-produced garbage. She’s not a planner — she rides the waves of life. You’ll find her cruisin’ the open road in her VW bus.

Michelle “Mischief”

Michelle likes to play jokes on her friends and push the limits of the law. She sneaks into a second movie, goes skinny-dipping in the moonlight and on occasion has driven across state lines for illegal fireworks.